About the Track

Lynx Creek, an active, flowing stream bed, flows from the Bradshaw Mountains through the granite slabs of Prescott, winding it’s way into Prescott Valley. The creek feeds through a valley south of Hwy 69. The creek flows through the 3,300 acres of Fain Land & Cattle Ranch, our site for the U.S. Army Rough Rider Championships. Working with the Fain Signature Group we hope our riders from around the U.S. and Canada, enjoy their time in our hometown, and leave with a wonderful racing experience. Soil: ranges from loose, rocky, silt – to hard pack single track, and rocky ravines. Elevation: 5026’

Course Mileages Minis: PW/65cc = 1.5m, 85cc-150cc = 3m Big Bikes C = 10m, B, A, AA = 11m

Saturday 2/17 course:
Length 8.75 miles
Fly Racing Little Rough Rider Mini Cycle Championship
The Rowdy Rough Rider Women’s Championship
– AMA A Class Women
Prescott Tire Pros & Automotive Services Rough Rider Amateur Championships.
– C Class, All Big Bike, Vets and Women Classes
 Sunday 2/18 course:
Length 10.5 miles / 2.5 hours
Fly Racing Little Rough Rider Super Mini Invitational
(Runs Saturday Course)
U.S. Army Rough Rider 100 – The Race of Champions
– AA, A Class, All Big Bike, Vets and Women Classes
– B Class, All Big Bike, Vets and Women Classes