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Pre-register for Rough Rider 100 Here!


Friday 2/15

Reception & Tech Inspection
Buffalo Wild Wings
3:00 to 6:00 pm

Trail Ride with
Larry Roeselor

2-5pm – Dinner & Drinks 6pm

Reserve Now

Saturday  2/16

Registration  & Tech Inspection
Vintage & Vet Class
Peewee & Mini-cycles
Amateurs & Sportsman
Adult Minibike Brawl

Saturday Awards
(Little Dealer RV)

Sunday 2/17

Registration  & Tech Inspection
Adult Minibike Brawl
Supermini Challenge
Rough Rider 100

Saturday Awards
(Little Dealer RV)

Saturday Night Awards: Live Music Provided by Reliance [Facebook]

SD Tactical Arms Presents the Rough Rider Sharp Shooters

1st 250 Pro $500.00
1st 125 Pro $500.00
1st Open A $250.00 $150.00
1st 250 A $250.00 $150.00
1st 125 A $250.00 $150.00

(Limit 30 Riders)

30,000.00 in Total Cash & Prizes
$15,000 Field Craft Survival Rough Rider 100

1st Place $5,000.00
2nd Place $1,500.00
3rd Place $1,000.00
4th Place $750.00
5th Place $500.00

6th Place $500.00
7th Place $500.00
8th Place $500.00
9th Place $500.00
10th Place $500.00

M Drive Rough Rider Veterans

1st $525.00
2nd $325.00
3rd $200.00
4th $100.00
5th $75.00

6th $65.00
7th $60.00
8th $50.00
9th $50.00
10th $50.00


• Every entry will receive $10.00 gift cards from NHHA, AMRA, and RR100

• Rough Rider “Quick Draw” (Holeshot) Award $500.00

Pre-sale raffle tickets available at
Prescott Tire Pros, Little Dealer RV and at the race.

A big thanks to the Prescott Trail Riders!

Aside from maintaining trails year round, PTR Members are setting up, and maintaining the courses and providing the planning and man power that makes the Rough Rider 100 possible.


FCA Kids’s Motocross and Offroad

FCA Kids’s Motocross and Offroad camp is where kids improve race skills, meet new friends. It’s a week of perspiration and inspiration. We will provide training, fun, food and lodging. boys and girls will experience unbelievable fun, outstanding motocross training, gain new skills and friendships. Every athlete is provided an opportunity to explore or grow in their Christian faith. with guest speakers who’s focus is integrity, humility, truth and faith.

“FCA has provided an athletic environment for my son to feel included and to experience joy in sport. I am grateful for my son’s involvement and hope other families take advantage of this great experience in our community…”